5 Tips for Putting your Wedding Dress On

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A wedding dress sets the tone for the entire wedding by reflecting the brides style and personality, while complimenting the venue.  Countless hours are spent shopping, trying on, altering, fittings and the heavily documented activity of actually putting on the dress.  Below we share five tips to make putting on the dress go smoother, the day of the wedding.

1. Time How Long it Takes

  • At your final dress fitting time how long it takes to put your dress on, including all of your undergarments and putting your shoes on.  That way you leave enough time (with a little cushion) for getting dressed on the day of your wedding day.

2. Bustle

  • Bring a mom or bridesmaid to the final dress fitting so they know how to bustle the dress.  If that isn’t possible, take a video of how the dress is bustled to share with your wedding planner so they can do it for you.  We have seen so many different types of bustles that we can usually figure it out, it will just go that much quicker if we are able to watch the video ahead of time so you can get back to the reception faster.

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3. Use a Crochet Hook for buttons

  • If the dress has a long row of buttons on the back, don’t forget to bring a crochet hook.

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4. Have the bridesmaids get dressed first

  • Before the bride gets dressed anyone that is helping her should get dressed first, that way they  look their best in the pictures too.

5. Have a bra sewn into the dress

  • This doesn’t work for every dress but when it does, it is much more comfortable and faster to get dressed too!

We hope these tips help your day go smoother so you can enjoy the time with your favorite people, all while looking fabulous too!




Erin & Diego

Erin and Diego couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather for their fall wedding at Raspberry Plain in Leesburg, Virginia. Erin worked with Diamond Events to finalize the specifics of her wedding, which was full of personal touches and details, many of them created by the bride herself!

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Raspberry Plain Reception Ballroom
Wedding Cake at Raspberry Plain

Wedding cake at Raspberry Plain leesburg
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Flowers at Raspberry Plain
Candy Buffet at wedding at Raspberry Plain
Candy Buffet at Raspberry Plain

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Jessica Pi Productions

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with videographer Jessica Piscitelli of Jessica Pi Productions. Capturing weddings for over 10 years, she has been noted for being one of DC’s best wedding videographers! Jessica brightens up when describing the way people come to life in a video. The emotions that arise when capturing the bride as she gets ready, walking down the aisle and the words spoken while exchanging vows are a once in a life time experience that you will want to remember forever. “How else are you going to remember the exact words from your vows or the speech by the best man or maid of honor?” Jessica commented.
As budgets get tighter and tighter some couples question the importance of a videographer, sometimes thinking that relatives can handle the responsibility. You can rest assured that hiring Jessica Pi Production to capture and produce your wedding video will be unsurpassable in quality, professionalism and provide years of reminiscing to come.

View a Wedding Ceremony Montage
Video by Jessica Pi Productions

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Jessica Piscitelli
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