Unique Guestbook Ideas

The guestbook table display can be a unique setup that showcases a glimpse of the style of the reception, as well as, the personalities of the bride and groom. With so many guestbook options, today’s bride and groom can choose from a wide variety of styles and most importantly, choosing a guestbook that they can see themselves looking at or using for years to come.

Guestbook Platter
Using a permanent black pen that is designed to write on porcelain finishes, guests can sign their names and thoughts. Afterwards you can display it on your wall.
Guestbook Platter

Testimonial Guestbook
Each guest at your event will receive their very own guestbook page to fill out and share special messages at their leisure. After your event, simply place the completed pages in one of our many guestbook album designs and enjoy!
Unique Wedding Guestbook Idea

Signature Frame
Wedding guests sign the outside edge and then you get to choose your favorite picture from the wedding to place inside. Be careful to not have the picture you intend on using in the matte, someones hand could slip and leave a mark on the picture.
Guestbook Frame

Bound Guest Book
Known as the “Traditional” guestbook, there are many varieties of the bound guestbook allowing couples to choose fabrics and colors that match the wedding. For more traditional guestbooks, you can view a selection of them on our website, www.Store.WeddingsbyDE.com.
Bound Contemporary Guestbook

Finger Print Guest Registry Wedding Tree Print
Your guests thumbprint and autograph will bring this tree to life. This print is the perfect way to remember all of the people who help you to celebrate your big day.
Traditional Wedding Tree - Finger Print Guest Registry Print

Quilt Wedding Guestbook with Custom Fabric Squares
As seen in BRIDES Magazine, August 2011! A unique guestbook idea where guests sign a square of fabric. The squares can be sewn together to create a quilt, wall hanging, table cloth or other custom finished piece with squares signed by all of your guests!
Fabric Wedding Guestbook Custom fabric squares

Wedding Guestbook Poster
Great for the DIY Bride, create this template in a word program and send to your local printer to enlarge. Each guests signs on a blank line, adding a touch of uniformity for those who want to display their signatures.

Coffee Table Book
Make your own coffee table book with pictures taken by a friend or engagement pictures taken by a professional photographer with Photobook America. You can design and customize photobooks in a wide variety of sizes, layouts and covers. We love all of their layout options!
Coffee Table Wedding Guestbook


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