The first time experience in Booth-O-Rama’s Photo Booth is so much fun and I thought I would share our experience. Daniel Nakamura of Booth-o-Rama was such a pleasure to work with. Their service includes a hi—resolution 4×6” print out with a personalized border, an on-site attendant, password protected online gallery of all of the photos and more!
As you step in the booth the suspense builds as the numbers start counting down, 4-3-2-1, #!Flash!#, “HaHaHa… what are we going to do next????”. The red curtain that separates guests from the reception and their 30 seconds in the Photo Booth, creates an experience that captures all of your guests as themselves (and sometimes more). A great addition to any event!

Daniel Nakamura of Booth-O-Rama
Elizabeth, Stephanie and Katie of Diamond Events
Daniel Nakamura


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